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Swan Barometer

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The Swan Barometer


One of the oldest original article made by the glassblowers of the Rossbach family is the Wetterschwan (weather swan).Today, in Québec, the master glassblower Robert Dieter Rossbach, recreates these handblown glass treasures of his ancestors to bring a truly piece of art and culture to your home.

The very dependable Swan Barometer, made as early as 1535, has been used on wooden ships, to predict weather changes.

It forecasts a storm or weather changes as accurately as the finest barometer.


Storms are predicted eight to twenty four hours in advance, with a slow but steady rise of the fluid level in the neck of the swan.

A local storm can be forecast with a rapid rise of the fluid level in the neck of the swan.

A dropping fluid level during the storm indicates, the storm is near the end.

A sudden drop of the fluid level will occur, when the storm changes course.



Due to sudden increase in temperature the fluid level will rise in the neck of the swan.This has no significance with regards to forecasting.


The intensity of the storm can be predicted by the level of the fluid in the neck.

Simply: as higher the fluid level rises, as more intense the storm will be.

Each swan will vary slighly, due to its handmade nature.Please observe your graceful and elegant Wetterschwan.



Your Wetterschwan has been sealed with a drop of wax on its beek for shipping reasons.


1). To assure it's proper fonction, please remove the wax by heating the nose of the swan

     with a candle or lighter.You could also use a little bit of boiling hot water,but be  

     careful not to burn yourself. Do not try to use any object to remove the wax seal.

2). Tilt the swan toward its tail allowing the liquid to flow into the body.

3). Set the swan on a table.Observe if the level of the fluid in the swan neck is at about    


     If  more simply tilt the swan back on its tail again and repeat.

     If less blow a very small amout of air ito the mouth of the swan .This will rise the     

     level in the neck.

4). Place your Wetterschwan in a location as uniform as possible.

5). Observe and enjoy.

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