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Evil spirits and witches catcher

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Evil Spirits and Witches Catchers


In 1607, Jamestown the first permanent English settlement in North America, was build in East Virginia.

With it evil spirits and witches also entered the new world.  This European witches and evil spirits cause disease, disaster and great destruction, furthermore many children disappeared and the habitants became frightened.  Soon people were seeking for protection and the witches balls was born.  Made by experienced glassblowers from the old world with fire and crystal.  The witches balls were hanged in the entrances, doors and windows of buildings.

The transparency of the crystal ball made it invisible for the witches and evil spirits.  13 colored traps, brilliantly shining, attract and invites the evil to enter the crystal ball.  The quarts crystal has the propriety to neutralize the evil power.  Once inside they can`t return and get catched in the fine web inside the ball.  

Today in Quebec, the master glassblower Robert Dieter Rossbach recreates these hand blown glass treasures of his ancestors to bring a truly piece of art and culture to your home.


Perhaps, there are still witches and evil spirits out there to be catched.  



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