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Brandy Pipe (tall) original

Product Information

Redécouvrez la Romance / Rediscover the Romance

You'll make an unforgettable impression with these elegant European  Crystal Brandy Pipes. The perfectly shaped bowl captures the warmth of your hand instantly and allows you to enjoy the bouquet of brandy without overwhelming your nose.And the long graceful stem lets you sip just the right amount to appreciate the flavour slowly.

Brandy experts agree and say this model (Rossbach Brandy Pipe original) resembles the authentic chimney shaped glass used  original in Cognac , and the shorter based model as the interim model before the widely recogniced snifter was created during the industrial revolution.

So enjoy your favourite Brandy with credibility- also ideal for liqueurs or any after dinner drink. For porto please use our Crystal Porto Pipes, and any special request for your favorite please contact us to suggest one of the many other models we make per order.

Product Code: BRAO6RZ234


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